Find out who and what makes the Lighthouse possible

Tillydrone is a Community Regeneration Project Area where there is a multiplicity of personal and social needs which finds some residents being excluded from integrating into the local community.

The Lighthouse is a local charity based in Tillydrone, which seeks to positively transform community for the good of everyone and have been working in the Tillydrone community since 2003.

In that time we have continued to grow the services offered seeking to make Tillydrone and the surrounding area a better place to live. Our aim is to help and facilitate individuals whatever their background and situation to move from often chaotic and crisis lifestyles towards a full re-integration into society.

The Lighthouse was founded initially as a response to ex-offenders who found themselves with little support on release from Prison, trying to break the cycle of re-offending and landing back in prison. Over the years the charity has grown, not only as a ‘drop-in’ centre for many needing help but now offers support for young families, adults and youth looking for friendship and a place to chat.

The weekly programme caters for men and women often suffering from various addictions and associated issues, lone parents, low income families and individuals who struggle to afford household items, parents/carers who are looking for activities for young children and some who are seeking help with education, training and employment opportunities.

Crisis intervention is available for those who may be struggling due to a number of reasons, including financial hardship, addiction, relationship breakdown and struggling with behavioural and/or health concerns.