TNT – For One Night Only!

with special guest Peter Jamieson

TNT was back for one night only on Sunday 6th November as we welcomed special guest Peter Jamieson from Shetland.

‘Tea ‘n’ Tilly’ was once a staple of the Lighthouse calendar, meeting on the last Sunday of every month at The Mission for a light supper followed by a short worship service and an inspiring individual sharing their personal life story.  However, since the launch of Sundays @ Lighthouse in October 2015, TNT has been relegated.

But we were delighted to have a good turnout and a positive response when we resurrected the event on Sunday evening.  With favourite foods served in abundance; homemade soup, pizza and sticky toffee pudding, and a separate programme for primary school aged children, the atmosphere was warm and friendly, despite the wet and windy weather outside.

There was silence as Peter shared his story – a simple up-bringing in Shetland, exposed to partying from a young age which led to drug addiction and dealing, the passing of his elderly parents and squandering his inheritance – a once broken young man has now been restored through the grace and love of Jesus.  For a more complete retelling of his journey, his book, ‘Design for Life’ is available for FREE on Kindle.