Volunteer support for vulnerable young people

What do we do?

BFriends recruits caring adults to befriend and support individual young people on a 1:1 basis. We work with young people aged between 9 – 17 at the time of referral who live in the Tillydrone area of Aberdeen City or have had previous involvement with the Lighthouse Project. BFriends volunteers and young people do a variety of activities together – from watching Aberdeen Football Club, ceramic painting, swimming, baking or going out for a hot chocolate. Referrals are accepted with the child and parent/guardian’s permission.

How Do The Young People Benefit?

Befrienders can introduce the young person to new activities and interests which might not otherwise be available to them.

They all have one thing in common – the need for a positive adult role model.

By enjoying a trusted relationship with a caring befriender who demonstrates positive role modelling, confidence and self-esteem can be developed by the young person. This relationship is a valuable aid to social, emotional and educational development which in turn helps the young person mature into a responsible adult.

Why are Befrienders Needed?

The young people we help are referred from a variety of reasons ranging from lack of positive peer group/adult relationships; expressing that they have no particular focus to their leisure time; lacking support to engage in hobbies and activities; inability to engage with other support networks. But they all have one thing in common – the need for a positive adult role model.

How often does the Befriender meet with the Young Person?

Befrienders will meet with the young person on a regular basis, every fortnight for approximately 2-3 hours each time.
We ask for a minimum of a year’s commitment, though in practice friendships can extend well beyond this period. This commitment is required in order to create stability.